About our values

Andrea Llosa

Posted on March 11 2021

About our values

Keeping Fashion Uncomplicated

We believe that style should not be defined by trends. To us, it's about expression. That's why we keep fashion uncomplicated, designing for women of all ages, sizes and body types. Our oversized pieces are a staple of comfort and versatility, meant to empower and differentiate.

Inspired by Art

To us, making clothes is a form of art. We create out of a need to communicate a point of view, to bring inspiration to life through shapes and patterns. That’s why every Andrea Llosa collection is based on a concept, with its own story to tell. That allows us to constantly reinvent, to bring something unique to our designs each time around. And when you wear them you know they're also uniquely yours.

We're making a difference

Andrea Llosa supports the circular economy and slow fashion. We employ small, local workshops, and production is based on demand to avoid overstock and unnecessary waste.

All unused fabric cuttings are donated to fashion schools, and our prints are done digitally in order to lessen environmental impact.

By the end of 2021, our goal is to use at least 80% of recycled fabrics.

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