Our clothing staple is comfort without sacrificing one´s uniqueness.

Each independently designed garment is created to provide ease and adaptability.

Our oversized pieces can be worn throughout the day, and can easily be adapted for any occasion


We believe in keeping fashion uncomplicated. Unbound to trends or sizes, age, or body types. Defined only by your style.

We’re breaking free from the restrictions that fashion places on today's women by designing clothes that empower and differentiate, with comfort and versatility.

We create fashion that is easy but current, creative yet pragmatic.

TO US, MAKING CLOTHES IS A FORM OF ART. It’s about expression.

That’s why every collection is based on a concept, on a need to communicate, to have a point of view.

We believe that your style is your statement. And what you wear empowers you to stand out.

So wear your power.


Our designs are made for strong, independent women who value comfort, practicality, and making time for fulfilling their life aspirations and goals.

We cater to creative and individual women who feel confident to communicate their own style without compromising comfort and versatility.

I’ve always believed that authenticity and style go beyond age, and have more to do with understanding who you are and knowing how to project it.

- Andrea Llosa Creative Director


  • We recognize and value the importance of keeping things simple while not sacrificing one’s desire to feel unique. To support an identity that is not limited to one’s size, shape, or age.
  • We aim to break free from the restrictions that fashion places on women by creating and providing designs that empower and differentiate.
  • As a brand we support the circular economy and slow fashion, we use eco-friendly practices, and we try to create socially, environmentally, and economically responsible products.
  • Our staff works in a comfortable and respectful environment.
  • We employ small, local workshops, and production is based on demand to avoid overstock and unnecessary waste.
  • All unused fabric cuttings are donated to fashion schools, and our prints are done digitally in order to lessen environmental impact.
  • By the end of 2021, our goal is to use at least 80% recycled fabrics.

Our long term Missions:

Create fashion that breaks women free from standards and stereotypes." "Create eco friendly fashion that empowers."

- Andrea Llosa Creative Director



Founder, designer, and creative director Andrea Llosa established her namesake brand in 2007 upon returning to her home country after completing her studies at the LCI in Barcelona. That same year, she was awarded the Young Talent Prize by the Bread and Butter Fashion Trade Show, and has subsequently been recognized by Peruvian publication, Luces, as the best local designer for four consecutive years (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015).

Over the last 12 years, Andrea has expanded her brand both nationally and internationally, opening four stores across Lima – with a flagship store located in the city’s most important commercial center – and selling in Mexico and Panama. The brand will be expanding to the United States , this year -2019.

Passionate about her heritage, the Lima-based designer is proud to utilize and promote the finest Peruvian products and talented local work force in the production of all her pieces.